Conscious freelancing women. The art of saying no in freelancing.

Ania Krol
3 min readSep 27, 2021

As The Freelance Coach working mostly with women, I was thinking about myself, my clients, my students, and boundaries.

No matter where you are in your journey to be an independent freelancing woman, we all struggle at some point because we act against our instincts.

This made me think; are we conscious freelancing women?

A conscious woman knows her boundaries and most importantly when to say NO.

As freelancers, we tend to overwork or be without enough work.

In the first case, we get too many clients because we chase the wrong dream and we end up being burned out.

In the second case, because we desperately want a job, we tend to say YES to clients or projects that are not aligned with us.

For me, every time I didn’t trust my guts, something wasn’t right in my business. A dodgy project, irritating clients, no alignment. Every time I had to retreat and felt defeated.

There must be a way to act and make decisions with more consciousness.

Who is (in my opinion) a conscious independent freelancing woman?

#The Conscious Woman does not buy “work hard no matter what BULLSHIT “— she will not allow crossing her boundaries.

Sometimes (and it happens often) love, understanding, compassion, and respect for yourself doesn’t mean yes.

On the contrary — it means NO.

The Conscious Woman, no matter how much she understands the mechanisms that affect other people, how much she understands that they come from suffering, fear, and lack of awareness, doesn’t consent to cross her boundaries.

She has the courage to express ruthless protest, to tell the painful truth in her face or in the client’s face.

“Sorry, this project is not what I am looking for.”

“Sorry, I am looking only for a contract with a minimum of 15 hours/week.”