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Successful careers are not planned. They develop when people are prepared for opportunities because they know their strengths, their method of work, and their values.” — Peter Drucker

My coaching clients and students usually ask me:

“Ania, what made you succeed in creating a full time freelance business in just a few months?”

“Ania, I want a career change, but I don’t know what I want to do?”

“Ania, what is the roadmap for creating your passion career?”

While many people find career clarity on their own, identifying a career that aligns with their innate values, others find it a…

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If there is one thing in common that happened to many people during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s working from home. There was a massive shift from office work to remote work and even more people realized that they want to finally start freelancing. On the other hand, many experienced freelancers saw contracts being canceled overnight as business owners needed to refocus their actions from growth and innovation to minimizing risks.

Freelance life can be stressful and now more than ever we are certain that we live in uncertain times. Our human nature is that once we accept that anything can…

One of my main mindset challenges was showing up when things got really good in my life. You know, like when everything is so great that it's hard to believe in it. But I couldn’t enjoy it for too long, no… I tend to look for bad things that could happen. I was so scared that something will go wrong soon, because “this is just impossible to feel that good”. I tend to sabotage myself when times are “too good to be true”, and believe me for 2 years my life is nothing else but great!

I would often resist…

Hey guys!

I’m already so excited for 2020 — a new decade. I am sure it is going to be as amazing as 2019!!! It already is!

But we wouldn’t grow if we don’t spend some time reflecting on what happened this year, right? I gathered here some of my personal lessons from this year. Maybe you can relate to some? Let me know!

Lessons from 2019 (and maybe a decade?)

1. The Universe loves courage. If I make a commitment, try new things, and trust my guts, the Universe responds to it with removing the impossible and the obstacles. Be brave, take risks, and have fun! 🙂

2. I love the chaos and I am naturally quite messy but routines, habits, and structures help me to be successful in many areas of my life like: business, mindset work, social, health, personal development, creativity.

3. Forgiving, compassion, and empathy are the best ways to move forward from dramas and traumas. Living in the past will never allow me to be mindful and focus on what is and what can be.

4. I can’t be still, mindful, balanced, and see the reality as IT IS when having a foggy mind. The foggy mind comes from worries, anxiety, jealousy, disappointments, laziness, “whatever” attitude, “I don’t care” attitude. Most of them come from stress, drinking, not sleeping, overworking.

5. Making a slower decision is making a decision as well. My effective personality usually forces me to say yes to things very quickly. Having an extra day to think over things definitely helps me to get the perspective and make better decisions.

6. Investing in yourself massively, having clarity, having a conscious focus (lack of multitasking), and taking small actions daily plus taking breaks and making sure I am not overwhelmed — is a recipe for success.

7. Reaching for help is important for my growth. Getting a mentor, asking for favours, or requesting help were the sources of my personal and professional development.

8. Helping others will always payback!!!

9. Being independent means being able to take care of my own needs and having responsibility for my decisions while considering both the people around me and my environment.

10. Traveling is my top way to stay mindful. Traveling light and living a minimalist life is the way to feel free.

11. The act of creation is making me happy no matter what I do. Creating content, videos, cooking, drawing, playing music, signing, etc. Creativity is embedded in my DNA, and it is in yours too.

12. Before panicking, worrying, and making the worse case scenarios, I should investigate the situation first and name my fear. It’s better to gather as much information as I can and THEN ASSESS my position. Freaking out and stressing about the unknown is my no. 1 enemy.

13. As an individual and highly independent person, it was surprising to realize that my “count only on yourself” attitude doesn’t really work. The force is with the community. Surrounding myself with people that I love amplifies my powers and my strengths. I am wired for touch and I crave connections! Give me more!

14. Working on my abundance mindset is my key goal. My scarcity mindset clings to the notion that there’s a limited amount of everything. A “lack mindset” tells us that if you get rich, someone else will get poor. The abundance mindset says — there is enough for everyone. Track every penny you receive from your business, friends, family, gifts and see how much you already have. It works miracles!

15. Finding my own way means knowing who I am, what I want, and what I am here to do. It is a process and a journey that I am happy to discover step by step.

What are your lessons from 2019?

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be” — Alan Watts

Did you know that it is your responsibility in life to declutter from the external layers of now your false masks, expectations, thoughts, beliefs, and cultures and to find your core self?

We can’t build anything on the false image of ours, false identity, personality or character. This is why achieving our missions, visions and goals is so hard. I am not surprised life feels hard for many people. When you try so hard to be someone you’re not, you lose…

As much as I love writing, I started to think about the best ways of sharing my knowledge, expertise and good tips with my community. And the answer is clear — the closer I can get to reach the audience is by either doing a video-call one by one — which is obviously very time-consuming… or I can reach the audience by doing a live video — free training (webinar)!!!


If you are a freelancer or want to be, you NEED to know this!

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to start freelancing.

But don’t just take my…

I wrote these quotes on the day of my 30th birthday. They were written all over my notebooks, my desktop, my phone. I decided to write down all of them in one place. Medium seemed to be the best one. Maybe it will inspire some of you as well? Below you can find 30 quotes divided into 5 categories: mind, life, society, creativity, work.

What are your favorite quotes?


“Our thoughts shape reality and manifest as the world we see around us. When we collectively focus our attention around positive ideas, truly great things are possible.” — Unknown

“The impediment…

Self-awareness is a foundation for emotional intelligence, self-management, and mature adulthood. With it, we grow and develop. Without it, we lose our visions and get lost in the middle of our paths.

Why we lack self-awareness?

Self-awareness is a skill and it is our own responsibility to develop that skill. Like any kind of skill, we need to learn it. With building each skill you need to the right methods combined with consistency — you need to do the work, there is no other way. Good news is that if you start now, you will see the results soon!


✸Hint: The Flow is Not Controlling✸

Life is cyclical with all its ups and downs. Everything is transient and nothing is constant. When something great happens and the „lucky wave“ comes, it‘s so important to keep the momentum and energy high. Appreciate it is happening.♥

However, when you face a „down moment“ and sometimes series of unfortunate events that you cannot control, don‘t allow it to drag you even deeper to the point of depression and giving up.♥

So many people are going through different battles. As for me, some years began with challenges as well: health issues, family members…

♡ The flow is available to everyone, everywhere♡

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” — Gandhi

Have you heard a saying “going with the flow” or somebody saying “I will go with the flow”? I bet you have. I also wonder if you have ever thought what does it mean. I will tell you, it means being relaxed and accept the current situation, without wanting to control it nor changing it. People who tend to go with the flow, understand that it also means accepting the hard, difficult days, accepting…

Ania Krol

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